Capti Rando, literal meaning:
Captain Random

Capti Rando is a person who has always been spending time on music, but for a long time he was unaware of how fast he could learn by really wanting something, and that every challenge can be made fun by throwing the idea of impossibilities overboard.

“I’m not that familiar with the term ‘giving up’. You just gotta be random and keep on doing what you are doing.”

At the age of twelve, Capti got a guitar, accompanied with the assignment to learn a full song consisting of several cords in five days. He could play the song flawlessly after fifteen minutes of solitude in his room with the guitar. But the guitar got placed in a corner for years.

Capti has never had the patience to wait before getting something done and has, from a very young age, been in a constant battle with himself to become better than the person he was a second ago. But music was something that would only get a place in this way of living much later on. It took a while before the guitar was removed from the corner again to play the bigger part.

Around 2013 Capti stopped all of his activities and education of that time, stocked up on musical instruments and started composing and producing music for film, television, video games and commercials. He fully committed himself to mastering a broad, and ever growing set of instruments.

2014 was all about managing young musical talent, performing with different bands and the production of soundtracks.

“I don’t like to think that much. It makes me tired. If I have to make choice between thinking and action, I’d go for action.”

2015: After a year of working in different fields of the music industry, Capti decided to shift his focus: to work primarily on spreading his own message through his unique performances.

Capti Rando is currently working on his first EP

Producing love is my daily job – Capti Rando